Sexual Exploration of Girls and Adolescents in Brazil

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This book is the result of the denunciations and recommendations of the 1995 Seminar on Sexual Exploitation of Girls and Adolescente in Brazil. It deals with its various aspects: the historial and conceptual aspects of prostituition; the exploitation networks; the juridical interpretation and the need to ammend the Penal Code of 1940; the role of the State and of society; the importance of the media and sexual violence, and the damages of sex tourism, which does not concern only Brazil, but is, above all, an international problem. After analyzing the many difficulties and obstacles, the lack of official support and accurate information, and by emphasizing the role of the media, the Seminar concluded that there is a necessity of further discussions, having in mind a change of the mentality of the society and the participation of the State by means of the implementation of new policies with the help of NonGovernmental Organizations, International Entities and the Media. As was so well defined in the Seminar: "to give the child and the adolescem, independent of age or sex, the right to have rights."

Editado por Thesaurus, 1ª edição, 1996, 144 páginas.

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